Dr. Robert Marchand is Australia’s foremost expert in the Character-based Improvisation Process and teaches this process all over the world. 

He has created over 100 workshops for actors, filmmakers and writers in Australia and overseas: his European workshop tour has visited Berlin,  and Zurich as well as the UK and Croatia; he has also conducted workshops in Vietnam, the USA and New Zealand.

Robert’s masterclasses are on the curriculum of the 16th Street Actors Studio, Melbourne, the performing arts program at WAAPA and have been an integral part of the Flinders University Drama Centre program.

His workshops bring together screen directors and actors in a unique creative environment; his exploration of process has been featured at past ADG Conferences and the SPA Fringe Conference; workshops focused on developing director skills have been included in the Grad Dip program at AFTRS and NIDA, he also created a special DEGNZ program for directors through the New Zealand Film Commission.

Robert is also the Director of Performance at the Paediatric Mental Health Training Unit (University of Adelaide). He uses the techniques he developed through CBI Process to provide diagnostic training for GPs and psychiatrists.

Exceptionally high level representations-of-reality by professional actors are required in simulated consultations to help psychiatrists identify the mental illnesses of their patients.

He described the challenges and usefulness of this work in a paper to the Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Psychiatrists annual conference.


Robert is an experienced award-winning film director. His credits include the television mini-series Fields Of Fire, Come In Spinner, Sun On The Stubble, Kangaroo Palace and The Potato Factory; most recently he directed The Lost Tools of Henry Hoke for the ABC. Robert’s achievements include four Australian Film Institute Awards; Logie, ATOM and Penguin awards and nominations.

Robert’s work is underpinned by his academic investigation of the process through his PhD at Flinders University.  

This explored character creation through the CBI Process in relation to fictive identities. He also contributed a chapter to “Devised and Directed by Mike Leigh” (Bloomsbury 2013).

Robert is currently writing about the CBI process and preparing for his forthcoming European workshop tour.

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