The CBI Process

At a glance, the CBI Workshop is an intensive five-day experience!

Through character-based improvisation, you are handed lots of valuable tools for working with the scripted material and you have a great new method for creating films.

There are two strands running simultaneously, one for actors, one for directors. Actors create detailed, complex characters, building them over several days; directors get a Masterclass in the process and are then let loose with the actors!

It’s a lot of fun and may change the way you work.

For Actors:

Re-affirmation of the actor as a respected artist
Added depth and complexity to performances
Ownership of character
Improved communication with the director
Channelling spontaneity
Greater focus in ensemble scenes
New perspective on texts
Added tools when preparing for auditions


For Directors:

Improved communication between actor and director
Tools for finessing performance
Using improvisations and controlling the results
Exploring the unexpected as a dramatic tool
Adding detail to scripted material
Demonstrating a new approach to script development
Insights for auditions & casting

The great value of the CBI process is that all the tools can be used in isolation by the actor and director – whether working on conventional scripted material, ensemble scenes or improvised dramas.


The skills you acquire through the workshop will be of immediate practical use!

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