The Philosophy

Behind the Workshop

The workshop is a practical investigation of the CBI Process.

It is dynamic, informative and interactive – participants get direct, first-hand experience through progressive character and scene building exercises.

At the heart of the process is an improvisation-based method founded on logic and common-sense and drawing from real-life observations.

Every aspect of the process has equally great value for the actor or film-maker who is working with the script.

The many tools within the process can be applied directly to any project they are working on.

The workshop is intensive, experiential, the atmosphere is one of trust and great good humor and participants find themselves bonding with others in a creative, collaborative way – sometimes leading to partnerships for new projects.

The creative energy released by the workshops is immense, it provides terrific empowerment and self-affirmation to all participants  – who go back to their own projects with renewed enthusiasm and plenty of new tools to play with.

Every step of the workshop provides director, writer, and actor with new opportunities to explore and play, to be reconnected with their skills and potential in an excitingly different way.

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