ZURICH 2016Zurich Group tghtr Champagne 2016

“Thanks so much Rob, what an experience! So glad I was able to be a part of it and witness what you do. Your understanding of story & drama and your respect for actors and ability to communicate with them was inspiring.”

Kasimir Burgess, Director

BERLIN 2015BERLIN 2015 Group sans Charmaine Crpd

“Participating in Rob Marchand’s workshop was one of those inspiring experiences that stays with you.The course offers an insightful overview of Mike Leigh’s methods as well as practical exercises for the participants to investigate the principals of the process. Whether you are planning to create work from scratch or you just want to expand your skills in exploring and creating character, using improvisation and generally working closer with actors in the realisation of your work, this is an invaluable workshop.  I highly recommend it.”
Kate Woods, Director

“Some of the finest moments I’ve had as an actor have been in Robert’s workshops. He is a brilliant coach and tailors the work for each person – what you are creating fully comes from you. It’s an amazing five days and I highly recommend it!”
Chloe Boreham, Actor & Director

“What a wonderful, wonderful course and an amazing experience!! I thoroughly enjoyed it. A sincere thank you – I will be telling my friends and spreading the word.”
Anh Do, Author, Actor, Comedian, and Artist.

 “Rob’s inventive use of the Mike Leigh process gives actors the opportunity to experience deeply the state of being in character – as opposed to acting the character. The actors found the experience incredibly rewarding, for some it changed the way they approached their acting. Rob has an intuitive, supportive and totally non-judgmental way of bringing the best out of any actor and his blend of process and creativity provides not merely an educational experience but a creative journey for the actors. It takes them seamlessly to the point of delivering authentic screen performances.”
Kim Krejus, Founder, 16th Street Acting Studio


“Thank you for the space you gave me to create and work, and most importantly for taking care of the trust I put in you.”
Lukas Waldvogel, Actor

“Robert not only demonstrates a process of great value to the actor, he is an exceptional communicator. He sweeps away any actor uncertainty or cynicism and re-enthuses them in their craft. It is wonderful to see how even the well-trained and more mature actors who think they have ‘seen it all’ come to life and discover skills and potential within themselves they never knew they had – suddenly there’s a fresh sense of spontaneity as well as reason behind their choices.”
Angela Heesom, Casting Director

“Rob gives such scope for imaginative work. As an actor it is an absolute treat. An insightful, very practical and enriching experience. I recommend the workshop to any actor who is looking for inspiration in their process.”
Amanda Crompton, Actor

“Just a quick note to say thanks for the workshop. It was a mind-blowing and totally memorable experience – I went away rejuvenated and with a whole new approach in mind as to how I see myself doing things from now on.”
Evan Clarry, Director

“Definitely fantastic. Thoroughly worthwhile. I have learned so much about the process, added to my bank of knowledge and developed a network of really exciting actors/directors/producers who are just as overwhelmingly excited about this process as I am!”
Allan Girod, Actor

“I cannot describe how inspired I am by the CBI workshop and Robert Marchand. The entire course has opened up my mind as an actor and has provided me with great tools for unlocking the makeup of any character that I ever wish to explore.”
Louise Salter, Actor 


ZAGREB 2014Zagreb Group 2014

“I was rapt that the course was so informative and hands-on.  I thought the blend of the participants was also fantastic and Robert wasn’t too bad a tutor too, he he he.  I am armed with lots of ideas to incorporate into the rehearsal and scripting process.”
Elissa Down, Director

“Thank you one more time for those 5 days of bliss. It was so encouraging & inspiring. At all times I felt protected as the actor and free to breathe and explore in character. There`s still a lot of energy and it might be just the beginning.”
Sabine Fehr, Actor

“Rob is a superb communicator and teacher. Acutely perceptive, articulates complex ideas with great precision, and is flexibly collaborative. It did wonders to improve my confidence in the subtle and complex process of creating characterization, a skill that actors should continually refresh.”
Rob McPherson Director & Actor

“Thank you again for such an enriching week. I can’t tell you enough how amazing it was, or how much happiness the work gave me.
Pia O’Meadhra, Actor

“Just wanted to say thank you for such an amazing experience. I learned so much and Rob is amazing!’
Laura Dundovic, Actor and Model

“The skills I acquired in just 5 days will remain with me for the entirety of my career.”
Milu Green, Actor

BRISBANE 2016BRIS Group 1 2016

“I want to thank you again for this beautiful workshop. I learned so much, I am still overwhelmed. I feel like it was the first time I was really directed, conducted to somewhere – and yet completely free to do my own work. You are a great director, your kindness and wit and humour is inspiring.”
Fernanda Farah, Actor, Performance Artist 

“Robert Marchand is a brilliant and innovative director whose passion and commitment shines through in his workshop. I learned so much over the past five days – and came away with invaluable techniques to use in the acting process. Please bring him back – we want more!!
Rebecca Davis, Actor

 “I can thoroughly recommend this course to any directors/writers and actors especially if you are thinking of using improvisation in the script-building stage, carrying that through to rehearsals and creating wonderful performances on screen.”
Kate Gorman, Director and Actor.

 “A quick thank you for the wonderful course last week. I’m not alone in the group in being extremely grateful that a person of your talent and experience would be so generous with your time and knowledge.”
Tony D’Aquino, Director 

WAAPA, 2016WAAPA 2017 Cropped 2

“A very big thank you for running such a great course. I learnt a lot from your knowledge of Mike Leigh’s method and your own experiences as a director as well. It was a great experience.”
Ben Lawrence, Director

“I just wanted to thank you greatly for what has been probably the most empowering and intriguing week of my life. From the larger scale improvs to just going out in character, I found the entire workshop very enlightening. It’s been an invaluable experience that will stick with me for the rest of both my personal and professional life as an actor.
Jake Collins-Levy, Actor

“It was a wonderful challenge and I felt I learned a lot from the course both about the method and my own ability.  It is lovely to be able constantly introduce new methods and ideas into this on-going process of development.”
Martha Lott, Actor & Director

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