Robert Marchand

My own passion for this process is because it reconnects director and actor with their pure creative impulses in an environment where discovery, experimentation, and risk-taking can be safely investigated.

Both directors and actors are often reminded that the business aspects of filmmaking dictate how a film is made.

Once a project is green-lit, the production apparatus swings into action and though the director is at the centre of events, she or he is often swept along by process, while the actor can feel a degree of presumption about their craft.

In either case, there is a risk of negating what some would say is the raison d’être.


Character-based Improvisation is a way of working that not only enshrines the creative satisfaction of filmmaking but builds the organizational apparatus around it. 

What I do through the workshop is demonstrate how every step in the process is a creative tool in its own right, enabling director and actor to work, each in their own way, without collision with the one another.

And they can do this, (no matter what the project), with confidence and control – and have a great deal of artistic satisfaction while doing it.

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